Decentralization Club: Enter The Matrix, Monday, July 15, 6PM BBB B101!

We are the chaaaaaaaampions… of the neeeeerds! Eduardo and I have forsaken free time, work, sleep, parties, deadlines and girlfriends (we have 0.5 girlfriends each, on average) in order to finish the Matrix tutorial over the past few weeks… and we finally succeeded!

Matrix is an open source chat protocol that can be extended to interact seamlessly with other chat apps like Telegram, Hangouts, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Signal, email, and others! It’s like IRC but not made 30 years ago (or XMPP but not made 15 years ago).

This Monday at 6PM in BBB B101,

we will be following this tutorial, whose first few drafts were written in blood:

How to prepare for the tutorial:

First, the tutorial involves every person using Google Cloud instances to host their Matrix servers. If you don’t have a Google account, please make one ahead of time. We will help you setting up the proper domain and cloud resources during the meeting, but having the account already will speed things up. Also, please note that you will be using free tier resources on Google Cloud, so this will all be free.

Second, setting up a Matrix server requires access to a web domain. Since not everyone owns a domain, we are selflessly offering up the namespace to any poor soul who needs it! we will let you use [whatever_goofy_name_you_want] as your own domain, if you so choose. If you do have your own domain, though, and are comfortable editing its DNS records, then feel free to use your own.

Third, this is probably going to run a little longer than one hour, but hopefully not too much. And if it does, we’ll just start streaming old Simpsons episodes or something.


Presidente, Decentralization Club

We now have the Decentralization Forum, hosted by the Caltech GSC!

All weekly topic emails will be archived there and can be commented on by anyone with a @caltech.edu email address.