Decentralization Club Update: Matrix, Blockchains-a-plenty, and Citizen Four

Hey everyone,

I thought I’d drop a Dickensian end of week update on Decentralization phenomena past, present, and (dundundun) future:


Thanks to everyone who came to the very successful Matrix tutorial this past Monday. Eduardo and I worked really hard on that tutorial and, lo and behold, it was actually useful! Everyone who missed out can follow the tutorial one their own by going consulting the Decentralization Forums ["hosted by the Caltech GSC"™] here: Decentralization Club: Enter The Matrix, Monday, July 15, 6PM BBB B101!. We will be doing a second Matrix tutorial in a few weeks where we introduce bridging functionality between Matrix and other chat services, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, etc., which is Matrix’s real accomplishment.


The StateOfScale blockchain hackathon kicks off tonight in Koreatown, LA and runs through Saturday and Sunday. I, along with several other Decentralization Club members, will be there tomorrow taking in the sights. (I already code for a living, so my fingers are kinda tired.) Come and contribute to a cutting-edge open source project, come to see what other’s are working on, or just come to meet people who are crazy enough to devote their free time to building the next generation of decentralized tech!


This MONDAY at 6PM in BBB B101, we will watch Citizen Four, the Academy Award-winning documentary about St. Edward Snowden (sainthood pending). Instead of previews for other movies that you’re never going to watch, this screening will be preceded by a very brief introduction to some of the technologies that Edward Snowden and the journalists in the movie use to communicate with each other, including PGP, Tor, and Tails So, if you ever wanted to learn exactly how St. Snowden got himself exiled to the frozen tundra like a true martyr, then come and be deeply unsettled… by a documentary about the present-day United States government.



BBB B101

And, as always, pizza and beer will be in attendance.