Info for Collegiate Coaches at Caltech

Hello fellow coaches! I hope to fill this forum with information and tips about coaching at Caltech. I know we, and any future coaches, will probably have a lot of the same questions. Hopefully, this space can help us be more efficient with information about recruiting, admission standards, and general office queries, etc. Speaking of office queries, (Emily if you are here, please keep us updated on if and how you gained access to the t-drive). Since our schedules can be erratic as coaches, this is a place we can rely on gathering information, instead of waiting for information to become available via word of mouth. Thank you to everyone on the athletic staff for anything you can contribute.

For anyone who is recruiting for female sports, I recommend reaching out to recruits within driving distance of Caltech’s campus, and let them know about the women in STEM conference held every summer. This year, it is being held from Aug 2nd-4th. It’s a free one day event, that includes information about scholarships, STEM curriculum, a tour of some of the labs on campus, etc. You can find more information about it here:

It has been a big hit among the players I have invited to it, especially those who have not visited the campus yet.