Join Advocacy Committee! First Meeting: June 28, 3-4 pm, SFL 326

We will be holding our first advocacy committee meeting this Friday, June 28, from 3-4 pm in SFL 326!

All graduate students are invited to join! We will be discussing how we intend to continue on the work done by last year’s committee and what goals we have for the upcoming year.

The advocacy is tasked with working with administrators to address difficulties and look for possible improvements to the graduate student experience at Caltech.

Some of the central issues in the recent past have included:

  • Stipend Increases
  • Health Care
  • Housing
  • Student Parents
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Advisor-Student Relations

Also, administratively, we are responsible for:

  • Annual GSC Survey
  • Tax and Healthcare Workshops
  • Town Hall Organization & Follow up
  • Thanksgiving Dinner

Please come join us and extend the invitation to anyone you know that would be interested in learning more or contributing!