[Open Tech Club] Plenty of news, but no meeting this week!

Ok, there’s good news and there’s bad news. Which do you want

Let’s start with good news:

is now an email list, so if you
have spam that other opentechclub members just have to see, you
can now put it directly in their inboxes! If you still haven’t
signed up for the list, check your inbox for the email from
, and just reply to be auto-added.

  Also, it's kind of old news, but there's an ongoing

crypto-related competition
with a $100,000 prize pool
: If you have some knowledge of
how to program FPGAs, it looks like you might have a real shot as
getting some of the prize pool. It all revolves around Verifiable
Delay Functions
which, if I’m interpreting my runestones
correctly, will enable Ethereum to finally switch over to be a proof-of-stake
chain, rather than an energy-intensive proof-of-work
chain. (Please route all nitpicks via the Reply-All button.)

Now, the bad news:

  No Open Tech Club meeting this week. (If nobody volunteers to

lead a topic, I’ll probably call off next week’s meeting, too,
because I really need to prep for this coming term.)

Finally, beyond
good and evil

  Although there is no jpeg for this week, I will not leave you

empty-handed: Open Tech
Club, WHOOO!



  If anyone has a meeting topic they'd like to present, let me

know. You get a captive, intelligent, and well-fed audience to
talk with about something you think is going to be
Earth-shattering. Sounds like a good deal to me.