Social Committee meeting minutes 10/11/2019

Attending: Mike, Rajashik, Jackie, Marta, Ethan, Katrina, Ryan, Costa, Alexandros


  1. welcome newcomers & introductions
  2. scheduling an October GUSH (“Graduate Underground Social Hour”)
  3. the Halloween party
  4. starting the conversation on spring Formal


  • Raj and Jackie for GUSH Thursday 10/17 at 6 PM
    • Beckman courtyard
    • Email soon (Raj)
    • Registration with grad office (Jackie)
    • AiM request (Jackie)
    • Buy beer and supplies next week (Jackie & Raj)
    • Budget ~$300/beer, $140 for bartender
  • Ryan and Marta for Halloween 11/2 7-10 PM
    • Register with grad office ASAP
    • Register with AiM (on access.caltech) ASAP (be sure to fill out form registering the event with the fire department)
    • Order spider webs online, use blacklights & other decor in the shed
    • Reserve either Dabney or the Alumni House ASAP
    • Request tables & trash cans
    • Reserve PA cart from the Y
    • Budget ~$400-500 for alcohol, $100 for decor, $100 for snacks & non-alcoholic, $150 for bartender, $50 for speakers (total budget of ~$1000)
  • Formal
    • Standing contract with Bonaventure Brewery? (275)
    • Meet with Tom Manion about legal things
    • Raj is interested in helping with venue
    • Angel city? Or another brewery
    • Jackie will send Raj a list of past places and he will ping a few more downtown breweries