Social Committee meeting minutes 4/17/2020

Attendance: Namita, Ethan, Raj, Mike, Jack


  1. Introduction
  2. Update on Formal: pushed in August
  3. Virtual event ideas and planning



  • Re-visit in August/Sept for Formal or smaller event in its place


  • League of Legends tournament (Jack)

Ideas for social events:

  • Online board games; houseparty with smaller rooms (houseparty needs people to be friends with each other; spreadsheet with houseparty name to coordinate)
  • Supporting local businesses (e.g. subsidize orders from local businesses)
  • Key idea: how to spend social committee’s money to enhance graduate social life during lockdown?
    • Providing discount on food orders to hang out with friends
    • Reimbursements for online games

Reimbursement methods:

  • Gift cards from Steam, Amazon, Grubhub, Visa

Action Items:

  • Put together an email and google form for social committee subsidy requests
    • One individual per group event submits a request with details of event (what it is, what the subsidy is for - names and caltech email, who’s attending)
    • Keep track of who’s using the money
    • Upper limit on game cost (keep this guideline internal?)
    • Period of 1 week per month when we receive applications; decide how much to subsidize and let them know; then we subsidize when the event occurs?
  • GSC Master steam account: Ellen will ask Steering about setting this up once we have people making requests for Steam games

Are there Caltech rules about reimbursing grad students for alcohol? Ellen: Ask Steering