Social Committee meeting minutes 9/9/2019

Joint Social/Athletics Meeting for Orientation 20190909

Attending: Ethan, Jack, Marta, Jackie, Katrina, Alexandros, Sarah

Bar crawl 9/26

  • Katrina & Alexandros will help with bar crawl
  • Kings Row was most expensive because bar did not limit expense of each drink, ask them to do a hard limit of $1500 tab, no drinks more than $15
  • Lucky Baldwins loves doing this
  • Ethan will call Kings Row and Lucky Baldwins
  • Barney’s get pitchers, don’t need to reserve a space, Jackie will call anyway
  • Plan: Tickets first bar & second bar, pitchers in barney’s with everyone
  • ONE DRINK EACH BAR (different color tickets, 30 minute window to get drinks)
  • Thursday 9/26
    • 8-9:30 lucky baldwins
    • 9:30-11 kings row
    • 11 barney’s onward

Gradiators 9/28

  • Alexandros has already booked lawn in front of the cake building & do an event request
  • Ethan will be point person for this event
  • Organize a meeting to design event
  • Need 12 people to run the event
  • Friday for planning @ Rath 5pm or Thursday @ Congregation 10pm
    • All are welcome email Ethan Pickering or Jackie Pezzato to volunteer
  • Email out next week

GUSH next Thursday 9/19

  • Jackie and Alexandros will email grad students
  • Millikan Pond idea

Fall events

  • Halloween party planning TBD
  • We will try to have GUSH be organized by first years again

Orientation committee

  • Ethan suggests that they have the athletic night on Tuesday because pickup soccer and volleyball are already happening
  • Jackie will send an email to Kate McAnulty and CC Heather Morgan & Ethan


  • Try to have it be the same location as undergrad formal so that we can lean on administration more for organization
  • Jackie will start a conversation with Tom Manion