Welcome to the GSC forum!

Welcome to the GSC forum! Anyone with an @calteh.edu email can create an account and make postings on the forum.

  • You can learn more about the Caltech GSC (Graduate Student Council) in the GSC website: https://gsc.caltech.edu/.

  • The GSC is the student government for Caltech graduate students, and it is our mission to “improve the academic, professional, and social experience of graduate students at Caltech by engaging with campus offices, building a diverse and vibrant community, and advocating for a better quality of life.”

  • We have categories based on the GSC activities, and if you have a club or group that would like a dedicated discussion place, we can create a category for it.

  • The Caltech Makerplace mailing list is mirrored in the Marketplace category (https://gscforum.caltech.edu/c/marketplace), visible only to logged in users.

How categories and groups work

  • Categories are collections of topics.
  • Groups are collections of Users.
  • You can restrict access to categories to particular groups (e.g. only logged in users).
  • People can watch particular categories to get notifications for that category.

If people can read a category, posts from that category can be included in the summary email that goes out periodically, depending on what the user has selected (and what the default was when their account was created).

Only admins can create a new category